To pursue my love or hope for his happiness.

My BF and I were in love and due to external circumstances we had to break up, even though we still loved each other. I thought I'd be gone for at least 6 months probably closer to a year. He asked if I wanted him to wait for me but I told him to go find someone new and be happy. Well after about 4 months I'm making plans to move down by him but the problem is this, he seems to have a new girlfriend. Its my fault because I told him to move on and I didn't contact him as much as I should have because it reminded me how much I missed him and it hurt so badly to be apart. Now it hurts badly to know he moved on.
Well I only know that through facebook stalking. He hasn't updated his status to 'in a relationship' but she comments on everything he does and has similar interests. Seems like they have more interests in common than we ever had. So my dilemma is this: Do I tell him how much I love him and I'm running ahead of schedule or will asking for him back in the near future make me sound like I'm just jealous and acting out because he found someone new (for the record I was already making plans before I found out about her)? Or even should I just allow him the chance to be happy with his new potential girlfriend? Or should I just offer him the option and let him make the choice or is that selfish? I really just want him to be happy, even if its not with me.
By KittyChan 14 years ago :: Dating
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