Who is being disrespectfull?

I'm a man studying film. This is a creative process. From time to time I'm working with ideas for films. In this process, I sometimes get stuck with lack of creativity. Then a friend, a teacher or my wife could be a good help in providing some small ideas.

One time I asked my wife about this: "Is there any profession or job you would like to see in a film?" Example: "A film about the police", "A film about a teacher in in a foreign contry". I wanted a simple answer like this.

Her answer was something like this: "Oh, it would be nice to see a movie about doctor students. Then you could follow them in their classroom, at the hospital. You could ask them about this question, and that question. You could be a little critical about this, and that. You should focus on this and that."

I said "thank you" after her first sentence: "a film about doctor students", but she continued to tell me how this movie should be made. We came into a discussion/argue. I did not want her to present a complete movie to me, I simply wanted a little input, to start my creative process. She did not respect this, and says to me that I can't ask her about anything, if I don't let her tell me everything she want to tell me...

This has happened several times, and I have tried to explain, that I don't want to hear how she would make a movie - simply only an answer to the question I ask. In my class, we are very respectfull when we are discussing eachothers movies.
You don't want to feed the others with ideas or sollutions on problems, but help them find their own way...

I feel this is like telling a painter what to paint, what colors he should use, what stroke sizes and so on, when the painter really only wanted to get some new ideas on what to paint.

I feel she kills my creativity, what do you think? Am I being selvfish?
By madsmekker 13 years ago :: Marriage
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