My boyfriends driving scares me!

Okay, I have been with my boyrfriend for two years and have always had a problem with his drving. Most times I try not to comment, but sometimes it gets scary. Like when he is drifting into oncoming traffic because he is tuning the radio or looking at businesses. He is also a last minute "breaker", meaning he waits til the last possible moment to break in traffic, and this has a caused at least two wrecks that I know of. He also speeds and has a slew of tickets from it, will not hardly ever wear his seatbelt, use his blinker, etc. But everytime I get scared enough to say "Honey, slow down, we don't need another ticket" or "Please put your blinker/seat belt on there is a cop right over there", he goes ballistic. Calls me a nag, asks who is the one driving, blah blah blah, macho man stuff, that hurts my feeling because I am just trying to prevent ANOTHER ticket, ANOTHER wreck, or at least ANOTHER close call. It scares me sometimes, but feel like I can't say anything becasue he will just get very upset! Help...
By LadyJ 15 years ago :: General
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