Am I over reacting about my husband or is it my birth control?

I am a little confused about the fluctuation of emotions I have been going through lately. I have been too busy with work and my family, I do not pay attention to my emotions. My husband and I have been married for 2 years and we love each other to death. I had my son 7 months ago and from what I think I do not have postpartum depression. It just seems ever since my son was born, my reaction to many things has been different. Right now, I am in the Army and my husband is working on college watching our son. I know that he watches him and everything but, I feel like when I get home, he just throws our son at me while he goes off and does what he wants to do. Not only this but, I have to tell him when to clean up like I am his mother. I sort of expect for him to pick up some while I am at work most of the week without asking him. I also feel like now that we have our son in our lives, he hasn't been so involved with our son but, I also have to put in the time he watches him. An example I have is I want to take family pictures but he keeps laying it off just because he hates pictures. Shouldn't he sacrifice his time for his son? I have been really irritable and snapping at my husband and crying over being so mad over the smallest things. I ended up getting mad at my husband for yelling at his game and waking up our son after I laid him down to sleep when I was trying to eat. Not only that, I get the chance to sit by him to spend time with him since I really hardly get to with work, he gives me a list of favors for him. Like he doesn't have the time to do anything anymore? To get to the point, I have been taking birth control for the seven months of having my son and, it may have some part of my emotions being all out of wack. I just want to know if my birth control may be this or am I just depressed?
By beccabecca 14 years ago :: Marriage
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