How do I talk to him? He needs to understand.

My name is katherine and I'm 18 years old I'm a mexican american. My boyfriends name is edward he's 19 and he's african american. My story is that we been together for 2 years know and he dosent get what I'm trying to say to him. I want him to myself. I'm truely in love with him. Everytime I see him I just feel relaxed. I love everything about him. But its the problem when we get to talking about stuff. We always argue about stupid things. And I always end up being hurt. I'm a very emotinol person. Anyways I'm trying to sit down and talk to him I wanna express my feelings but he always has to disagree with something. Then when he gets really pissed at something he hangs up in my face .... or turns his phone off.. tell me if he really loved me wouldent he try to be there and lisen even if its something retarded.. haha I'm just stressing out because I care and I want this relationship to last
By juicyb1 14 years ago :: Dating
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