Is he a player or is he just playing his options?

Does a player say I love you? Does a player asks you to marry him? Does a player talk about future goals in life with you? Does a player text and call you all the time? Does a player get jealous and afraid you will leave him for another guy? Does a player talks sweet to you? Does a player let you know whats going on in his life? Does a player think of your feelings before his? Does a player willing to risk things to be with you? Does a player ask, why don`t you call me more?
Me and my b/f been in a long distant relationship for 2 months, we have physically met and spent a weekend together. We`ve known each other since Jan. My b/f is extremely handsome, like model handsome and well I can say I am thick and just cute. My friends feel because he is handsome and comes on way too strong, in there opinion, thinks he is playing me? He is bipolar, but so am I. Anyway I say to them I will just wait and see, all things will reveal themselves in due time. But.. I did however see a red flag, I was able to get into his VM cell phone and got his messages. There is another "girl"; don't know her name or anything, she did say in one of her messages why she is always getting his VM and how come he isn`t returning her calls. She did say she loved him etc. Now, I`m a lil` sick over this but not surprised nor freaking out. I don`t have all the facts. He says to his friends that I am his fiancee etc. His friends know about me and his family knows I'm his g/f! But the 2 things that bother me, is that "other girl" and he took his FB down after we started to talk. Which I thought was weird. I don't know, I love him a lot, I loved him since Jan.. and it would just kill me if we broke up and I don`t want to break up with him. I don`t want to be a fool either. This is very confusing, wouldn`t be so damn confusing if he was here! And not 15hrs away from me! GRR help!
By Bittenbutterfly 13 years ago :: Dating
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