Should I keep trying to make my long distance relationship work or am I wasting time?

I recently moved 2,000 miles away from my boyfriend of six months. I am going to school and we decided before I left to try and make things work. So far we have been handling it. We've had two major fights though. These fights although resolved are constantly brought up by him anytime I do something he isn't particularly happy about. My other issue is the amount of real contact we have. We talk on the phone at least every other day but often he says he has to go and cuts or conversations short. I just want to have nice long conversations! We also text each other on a daily basis but his responses consist of "yeah", "ok", "o nice", and "that's good". Unfortunately this stops any real conversation. He says he still loves me and cried when I told him I was considering ending the relationship. I do love him but I'm tired of him making up excuses for why we can't just talk. He wants me as his girl friend but I feel like it's only when I'm home. Which won't until christmas, and then I will only be home for a month.
By kd_ann 14 years ago :: Dating
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