Do I need to leave him or am I being inconsiderate?

My boyfriend and I have been in a long distance relationship for almost 2 months. We have been together for 7 months and have made long term plans to be together forever. When we lived near each other, every thing was heaven. We never fought or argued. We saw each other every day. The longest we were apart for in 5 months was 2 days.

My boyfriend is away at college and he rodeos a lot. The first month he was gone wasnt so bad. I drove down there and stayed like 4 days with him and he drove here on a weekend. We made time for each other. It really wasnt that bad.

We are currently in the second month of him being gone and it has all gone down hill. We hadnt seen each other in 2 weeks and he was at a rodeo only an hour from my house. I couldnt go to the rodeo because my aunt had had serious surgery and needed me to take care of her. Several of his hometown friends had been there and had told him that I had been dancing with guys at bars and flirting with people. Which wasnt true at all. But he asked me about it and I told him the truth and he said he believed me but he still brought it up a lot. So in an effort to make things better. I drove to his place and spent a couple days with him. But everything was different. He didnt make any time for me. While I was there I found several nude pictures of his ex girlfriend that were recently saved. And yes I occasionally go thru his phone and he knows about it but it really makes me feel better to know i can trust him because it has been an issue with guys in the past. Anyways, I asked him about it and he lied to me. I asked her about it and she admitted to it and said he sent her a pic as well. He said it was just a pic of his abs. Regardless I think it is inappropriate.

His sister told me the other day that he was coming home this weekend. I thought maybe he wanted to surprise me. I asked him when he thought he was coming home next and he said maybe a month. Tonight I went ahead and told him what I knew. Turns out he didnt want to tell me because he wasnt planning on seeing me. He wants to spend all weekend with his parents.

Is it just the long distance messing with me or am I right about it going downhill?
By kclay 14 years ago :: Dating
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