Should I call social services?

My mum is sleeping around (while she has a boyfriend-he joins in too). My little sister found this out by reading her text messages, which I know is wrong, but at least we found out. Since shes had this boyfriend shes stopped caring about us. She fought so hard for us in the divorce, and my dads side of the family believes it was for the money. Now shes not getting benefits for me, she wants me out of the house. Now, I can take care of myself, provied theres a roof over my head. But shes prepared to turf me out on the street - she knows I cant live alone since I cant afford it. She leaves me in the house without food. The freezers in a shed out back and she keeps it locked except for when she gets something from it. Theres barely any food in the house as it is. Half the time she cant be bothered to cook (and theres nothing for me to cook either) so my sister and me often go to my grandparents round the corner - they dont mind sharing dinner with us.
Its not like Im a spoilt brat who expects everything to be done for her. Id cook if there was food. Id buy food for me and my sis if I had money. And Im not a layabout who wont get a job, Ive asked countless places (its not my fault theyre not hiring anyone at the moment).
Im at the end of my rope. I dont know what to do.
By _echo_ 14 years ago :: Parent/Child
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