Why cant he understand that furniture purchase should be decided by both of us?

My BF and I have been living together for one year. We are starting over, we had almost no furniture. We had been going thru some rough spots because of my job situation. Now I am working in a job that I like and making good money. We had been looking at furniture in the past, mostly bedroom furniture. The other day he decided to surprise me with a new living room set, that I don't like, without consulting me, because he thinks was in a very good price and he don't want to spend more. I am upset because I have been inviting him to go look at furniture with me, because I wanted us in a few months to start fixing our home and I even told him that I saw a living room set that I really liked. Now we had a big fight because I told him why he did not consulted with me the purchase to make sure we both like it, since we both have to look at it every day, and he told me that he cant return it and even if he could return it he wouldn't because he likes it and it was his decision. Now I am sleeping in the other room because I don't feel he cares about my feelings, and he invited me to move out...
By Marliz 12 years ago :: Marriage
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