What should I get my fiance in addition to his wedding band?

I am getting married in about a year after getting engaged last September. My fiance spent a lot of money on my engagement ring and we have picked out a wedding band for me that is also beautiful but costly (around $10,000 total for both rings) we have also looked at wedding bands for him, and the one he loves costs around $300. I know money doesn't buy happiness, and I'm not marrying him for money or anything dumb like that. He's just not a diamonds and jewelry kind of guy. I would like to get him a surprise gift for the wedding, and I'm not sure what to get. I'm thinking possibly a nice watch? or since he's into motorcycles, possibly get him the new exhaust system he's been raving about? I'm just not sure, so any ideas would be helpful. Thanks :)
By Abby202 14 years ago :: Marriage
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