What should I do? Work/career dilemma.

OK Hi everyone. I currently work for the Canadian government while also being in my 3rd year of university, of a 4 year program. And btw I'm kinda freaking out a little bit right now.
I found out a while ago that I might have a chance to graduate a year early, meaning that I would be able to finish my schooling this year! I was so excited and after doing some research I told this to my boss, who responded very well. She loves me as an employee and told me that she would try her hardest to get me in to a full-time permanent position! This is an amazing deal for me! It is extremely difficult to get into the government with a permanent position and for me to be able to get in right out of school would be great! Everything seemed to be going my way...
Until tonight when I was looking at my program details and while I have finished all of my compulsory credits, I still have almost 36 credits left to do! (36 credits = 12 classes) In one year I do 10 courses. So for my program I would need to do and extra course next semester, a summer class, AND complete another full year of schooling.
Like I said I am freaking out! I was so happy about this and I am terrified of losing this opportunity! This was so great for me and now it just doesn't seem possible. I know my boss will be fine when I tell her that I can't start permanently next September, but what if this opportunity never comes to me again? I'm so afraid that I won't get another chance at this. Maybe I'm being a little dramatic since it's still fresh...I don't know what other option there would be for this? Anyone have any ideas?
By Uhmm 14 years ago :: Workplace/Co-workers
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