Guilt over the suicide of a friend

My friend killed himself today. There seemed to be no warning signs. Or maybe I'm just a terrible friend and didn't see the warning signs. One thing I know for certain: I didn't tell him how much he meant to me. I didn't tell him that I smiled every time he walked into the room just cause he made me happy. I didn't tell him...

I guess this isn't really a question, but to those of you who are dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts PLEASE, please seek help. Death is permanent. You can't take it back. And you will leave people who will miss you.

One of my first thoughts when I heard the news about my friend was, "Guess it's easy to give advice on ST and not notice when a friend is hurting..." So I guess I'm also encouraging to tell people how much you love them while you still have a chance.
By PSILUVU 14 years ago :: Friends
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