should i ignore it or should it follow it?

i met a guy while hangin out with my friends,hes friendly and all,he approaches when i'm deppressed and he seems genuine about it, this is the trait that makes me crushes into him,unfortunately by that time i was still with my ex,however, when my friends tease me about my relationship with my ex, he just stay quiet, he always listen when i bitch around and he gives great advice, he even tutor me some stuff. he woke me up when i'm asleep and he approaches me when i'm aloof, when i was infront of my laptop facebooking he even comes by and ask wat am i doin but stupid me i didnt ask his facebook so i dunno anything about him. i don't know whether this infatuation is genuine or is it because i'm trying to get rid the thought of my ex from my head. when i first met him(my crush), it seems i never noticed him because when i ask whats his name, he said what after all this time you didnt know my name,i was always around!he even offer a handshake enthusiastically but i didnt shake him back cause my ex's spies were around. I don't know whether he's into me or not, i'm affraid if i have him i'll be disenchanted as well(the novelty is gone)
By aurel 13 years ago :: Dating
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