Intimacy problems with my boyfriend?

ok so here the story, I was raped a few years ago and have not been in a relationship since. then 1 year ago I met my current boyfriend, I've told him about the rape, and he's very understanding about everything. he never forces me to do anything and his been very nice about taking things slow. now about 2 days ago we started making out and everything was fine, then he picked me up and put me on the bed… and that's when I flipped out! I don't why but I just like flipped out started kicking and screaming and just freaking out. I couldn't stop crying, but he waited for me to calm down a little and I eventually curled up in his arms and cried myself to sleep. now everythings fine he doesn't blame me or treat me different or aything. I just want to know how I can get over this..whatever it is…and be able to be intimate with him?
ty, and sorry for the long story
By gonesailing 14 years ago :: Dating
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