Facebook is driving me a little crazy, is this normal?

I'm having a very hard time wrapping my head around this, give me your thoughts
I confronted my fiancee last week, because I noticed when I looked at the internet history that she had looked at some pics, and the profile of a guy she dated for about a month, on 3 separate days last week. I told her it bothered me and she reassured me that it was absolutely nothing, and its just facebook and she just saw the pictures posted, and she was curious, etc..
She thought I was a little insecure to be worried about that, and at first she seemed defensive (and this bothered me to be honest). Then she told me its just facebook and she checks all kinds of different things and it doesn't mean anything. So why doesn't she check her other friends 3 or 4 times in the same week.

Now that I confronted and she knows it bothered me, should she have deleted him as a friend or does that seem unreasonable for me to think she should have? She has not done so to my knowledge.
What exactly is the point of her keeping him on there as a friend? She has no contact with him or no need to contact him. So it shouldn't affect her life if she deletes him. IS she hoping that he may contact her in the future, or keeping him on just in case she has the urge to contact him.
I just don't understand the logic behind going to see his profile after she saw the pics he posted. Another thing is she just dated this guy for a month.

I know that if my ex posted pictures and they came up on the news feed I would probably look, but that's it, I don't see the need in going to his profile after and then checking 2 more news feeds on who he became friends with. I just find it strange.
Her explanation was it just clicks and sometimes you don't even realize who you're looking at, or what. But if she went to his profile the next day he must have been on her mind.

Am I crazy for thinking these things?
By confused8481 14 years ago :: Dating
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