Caught out my friends BF- should I tell her??

Whilst looking at a dating site I came across a familiar face- it was my friends bf of 18months! Clicked his profile, he was advertising himself as single and 'looking'. There was also regular activity on his page since February when he joined the site. Therefore he had bn using this frequently.

Now I may have done the wrong thing here but I hacked into the account. Partly to check if it was really him (not some fake account) but mostly cz I wanted to see what he's bn doing on there. Boy was I shocked! Private conversations with multiple other girls. Flirting, lying, arranging meet ups, exchanging email and phone numbers. I logged myself back in and posted a public message on his wall a using him and telling him to cancel account. A day later he did.

Went on fb and private messaged him telling him what I thought. He tried to deny that he was doing anything wrong. I proceeded to tell him I had hacked in and knew he was dealing me a load of crap! He then tried to make all the usual excuses and justify
his actions.

I wasn't fooled so (maybe the wrong thing again) but hacked his email accounts. Discovered that he was exchanging raunchy pics with a couple girls and was even having cam-sex with another! I sent all these girls emails telling them what a scumbag he was and they all apologized as they thought he was single.

We (bf n me) exchanged some more pm's and he has since deleted all his dating/booty accounts. He is sounding genuinely remorseful about the whole thing and says it'll never happen again and that he can't live without her. Even saying that he'll tell her everything himself when the time is right.

I don't know what to do! I haven't seen my friend in a couple years and don't want to come back into her life bearing that news. The BF also seems to have done a 180 on his attitude and behavior. She would never forgive him for this.

So should I tell her and destroy her relationship and happiness or leave the cards to fall where they may and let him decide when (and if) to tell her??
By Curious24 11 years ago :: Friends
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