Why is my ex boyfriend who i have been good friends with for 2 years (after our breakup) now ignoring me?

My ex boyfriend and i broke up nearly 2 years ago. We didn't talk for about 6 months (as this was the point of no contact after the breakup) I ended up dating another guy about 6 months after the breakup. I ended up breaking up with the new guy about april 08. Me and my ex before him then ended up developing a close friendship over the past year. We would catch up frequently (like a few times a week-go the the beach together, go out drinking together and occasionally end up sleeping together) and it got to a point where we were going to get back together then decided not to and just be friends. This continued on and we have been close friends since. I saw him one day and we hung out and things were fine and the next day after he started to ignore me after telling me i was gorgeous and all of that stuff. He hasn't spoken to me in 3/4 weeks and won't reply to any messages. He deleted me as a friend off facebook and won't give me any explanation as to why he is doing this!!
can someone please help!!??
By Sare 15 years ago :: Friends
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