My girlfriend is mad at me

So me and my girlfriend got in this huge fight the other day. It was in front of other people at school which I guess makes it worse. She's really pretty, but she doesn't have the best self confidence for some reason. I had heard another girl say she thought my girl looked like a mouse so during the fight I said that she looked like a mouse and that she was ugly and I called her a f*****g b***h. I didn't mean it, I was just mad. She said that I was an a*shole and she didn't even do s**t to me which pissed me off so I told her I didn't even care about her and I never loved her and I never would. She started to cry and said that was really f*****g. Now she's being a total c**t and won't even talk to me and she broke up with me right after that fight. I don't think I did anything wrong. Do you think she's overreacting? I still want to be with her because I love her so how do I get her to stop being stupid and get over it and talk to me again.
By ChaceIsCool 14 years ago :: Dating
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