Practical question: How long should I wait to go back to the doctor?

I've been sick since Tuesday evening with a fever, sore throat, etc. On Friday I went to the doc who did a strep test and put me on antibiotics. I've been taking the meds since Friday afternoon, about 36 hours. I feel like I'm actually getting worse. The strep blisters are on my tongue which has swollen making it hard to talk and swallow. And the fever hasn't gone away yet. AND I haven't been able to eat much at all (Last night I couldn't even choke down chocolate ice cream!!! which is truly unbelievable) And now I can't sleep (which is why I'm posting this question, I guess). If I had medical insurance, this wouldn't be an issue. I'd just go to an emergency clinic today and see if they could get me some stronger stuff. But I don't have medical insurance. Any ideas about what i should do?
By PSILUVU 14 years ago :: General
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