Didn't they make a choice, and should i really be responsible for the cab fare?

I am the driver for the night. Me, friend 1 and friend 2 go to a club. After being there for a bit, we run into friend 1's baby dady who ends up ticking her off and she proceeds to start some drama with a girl he was talking to.

Friend 2 and I pull her aside and in her excitement - Friend 1 and I end up having words - which could have been misconstrude either way, however this causes her to yell at me in the middle of the club which she has done before and I'd told her never to do it again. So now that she has, I'm not stick'n around for her to continue. I tell both of them i was leaving, to come on or find your own way home.

We went back and forth several times and they didn't leave so i walked out of the club. Friend 2 calls my cell and asks me to come back, however i just wasted $20 on 30min of nothing and drama i wasn't wasting another because there's no ins and outs. I explained the situation to Friend 2 how the yelling in the club has happened before and i wasn't going to tolerate it and that's why i left.

I then told her again, i was walking to the car, if they didn't come on I was leaving and they could find their own ride. I'd called another friend and told her what was going on - talked to her for a bit and they STILL weren't outside, so i left.

They ended up taking a cab home and Friend 1 deducted her part of the fare from money she owed me, and maintains that "I left them".

I maintain that i did not leave - that they had a choice to leave and get a ride, or stay and find a ride. And they CHOSE to stay. So if they had to pay that was thier choice.
By Newfor09 15 years ago :: Friends
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