Been Internet Dating and need help!

I've been on three dating sites for a year and a half now. One is paid the others are free. I'm still single! I asked one of my friends to evaluate my profile and she said it looked great. Then I reached out for an honest opinion and I ask a guy from one of the dating sites to give me an honest opinion of my profile while we chatted online. He said that I was very cute but can see how guys can be intimidated by me. He said “your career in finance could be intimidating to some.” I liked chatting with him and we even met but I felt no chemistry with him. I'm so frustrated, I meet these really nice guys and I feel no physical attraction towards them. I try not to judge by their pictures and think optimistically, like they may look better in person but when we meet there is no attraction on my end. I even forced myself to go on a second date with a really nice guy but when he tried to kiss me I cringed.

I'm 33 and so lonely and tired of being single. I worry that I am intimidating because I have my own place, good career, am cute, and intelligent. Maybe men feel like I don't need them? But I do! I'm an introvert so it's hard for me to go out and be social after a long week of work. Sometimes I need to recharge and be alone to do so. It's been a curse to my dating life for sure. I have been out with friends but then I get more guys I'm not attracted to hitting on me or cock blocking me when I see other guys I may be interested in. Some tell me don't worry about it and just live your life and it will just happen. But how? I feel like I need to be proactive but the internet is not working for me. Their was one guy I was really interested in online and we sent e-mails back and forth then when we talked on the phone it was awkward and I asked him a question I guess I had already asked him in an e-mail he blew up at me and said “ if you had read my e-mail you would already know the answer to that!” he said “I guess your chatting with so many men you can't keep track” and I couldn't tell if he was kidding. I just tried to be playful and said “well, geez I don't have a photographic memory! I can't remember every detail in your long e-mails” I couldn't believe his attitude, I was just trying to make conversation in an awkward silence over the phone and he jumped all over me. He said we should get together and talk in person and that he would call me in a couple of days but he never called. I feel so discouraged and lonely, no family or anyone for the holidays. I swore last year I would not spend another Christmas alone and here I am again this year, alone.
By confusedgirl 14 years ago :: Dating
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