should i ask my ex not to come to my brothers wedding?

My ex and I broke up about 4 months ago. We stayed friends(with benefits) even though i have no romantic feelings for her whatsoever. I do however care about her as a friend and would never deliberately hurt her. She knows i sleep around and is actually quite cool about it for the most part. all she asks is that i treat her with respect. once in a while things get crazy. for instance she still has some things in my place and once she came to pick something up which i didnt mind. the problem is she stayed for a little while i came home with another woman. when i asked her to leave she refused to leave till her friend came to pick her up even though i offered to put her in a cab. this is one of two incidents, the first was when she tried to call me. i was ignoring the calls because i had another woman coming through. as a result she came up to my house without warning and ran into the other woman. there was a big argument and you know how that goes. she's really cool with my friends and family and sometimes i wonder if she's positioning herself to try to get me back or if she's really just this nice. things have been good for a while but my younger brothers wedding is coming up and she was invited by his fiancee and accepted. my issue with this is that its a week long cruise, and im a pretty wild guy with some wild friends. i know im gonna get drunk, and end up with a different woman each night of the cruise. my ex knows i sleep with other woman because i've told her that i have and still do. however i fear that actually seeing whats gonna go down on the cruise mixed with a a few drinks for her will be too much for her. and i dont want her messing up my brothers wedding. i guess im just looking for peoples thoughts on this matter. all opinions and insight is welcome, thank you.
By InTreatment 16 years ago :: Dating
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