Is his lack of respect for my privacy a deal breaker?

I've been dating this guy casually (we are not exclusive) for 5 months now. He offered to fix my computer since it was crashing every five minutes. He had to change my operating system and everything which required him moving everything onto a backup hard drive first! I told him to respect my privacy before he started working on the computer because I know he likes me and I also know I have private images and videos on that computer which he'd be moving over. I mentioned it not to make him curious....but to be sure he couldn't claim not knowing better. He promised to respect my privacy..... and didn't. He confessed to looking at everything I had in the way of pics/videos that are very personal. I'm devastated at what he saw since we have not been intimate at all. The images/videos were with an ex boyfriend of mine...we were consenting adults and they were never intended to be shared with a third party. He apologized but is more focused on what he saw me doing with another man and haven't done with him than about acknowledging the invasion of my privacy. He actually said I "should have prepared him better, and then he wouldn't have looked"!!!! Is this guy worth trying to forgive? Was I wrong for trusting a guy to do the right thing in this situation? Was I wrong for even mentioning to him that these things were on the computer? I just figured...if I didn't mention it and he looked - he could say he didn't know! But if I told him.....there would be no excuse. I'm torn because half of me is really angry for his lack of respect. The other half of me knows he is really hurting that he saw me with another man when I haven't done anything with him....and I empathize with that because I believe he genuinely cares about me despite this terrible lapse in judgement. What do I do?
By LLK1169 12 years ago :: Dating
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