Is expecting other people in the household to be tidy reasonable

My husband and I both work full time and our 19 year old daughter is a full time student. I am the only tidy one in the house. I load the dishwasher as they either leave their plates in the lounge or on the sink. I change the sheets/make the beds or they never get made. They come home and their shoes/bags get taken off and left lying about. The toilet seat is always left up and the old toilet rolls are left on the floor with the new toilet roll not on the holder but on the shelf nearby. It drives me crazy. I like a tidy, organised environment but they don't care as long as its not dirty, its okay to them. i have tried leaving the mess but it just stays that way and/or gets worse. I think I have a right to a nice house. they think they have a right to be messy in their own environment.
By LoobyLou 15 years ago :: General
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