If someone offers you a free ride when you are out with others, should you take it or decline it?

Me, my fiance and his best friend Ryan have plans to go to the movies. A friend of mine who works at the movie theater said he could get my fiance and myself in for free. My fiance says that it would be wrong to accept it b/c it would leave his best friend out in the rain. I explained that it was free money and we would be saving 17.00 (8.50 for each ticket) and he said its not about the money its about the principle and he would rather pay. I then stated that we could get in for free and with the 17 bucks we would save we could give Ryan the price of his ticket. He said that its ridiculous and would make his best friend, who he is really close with, feel uncomfortable... we are 24years old by the way, and broke college kids. What do you think we should do?
By SmartLove 13 years ago :: Dating
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