Not sure what to do about my wife complaining that she feels lonely.

After almost 20 years being married, my wife is complaining about feeling lonely and me not spending enough time with her.

The long and short of it is that I keep myself occupied with many interests and companionship only completes me. While she does a great job of taking care of house and home, I think she put herself in a position to become bored with life. She has nothing to occupy her outside of taking care of house and home.

Its way more complicated than "just spend more time with her". There is simply no drive to do that. There is no physical attraction to speak of, although neither of us are physically unattractive. Sex is just ok, but not exciting for either of us. In addition, there are 2 kids to raise and I am going through mid-life crisis. So whats a fella to do??
By nulook 13 years ago :: Marriage
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