Should I feel guilty about this?

Hi there guys, so the other night at dinner my boyfriend and I were talking. We've been together almost 2 years. We were chatting and he says that i flirt with other guys, and I was like that is ridiculous I do not. Then he was like the girls that you think flirt with me (who I like and everything I just think they flirt with him) what do they do? He says that it doesn't bother him but I guess he was pointing out that I do it to. But I seriously didn't even realize this. Some people might say thats not even possible for me not to know it but that's how it was. I thought about it and I thought maybe I do. Just thinking about like how I talk to people and stuff and what I thought was being friendly like laughing and stuff. I never touch guys and stuff not like that...I'm trying to explain this it's not too easy. Anyways now I realize that he has a point. I do it like the girls I was talking about. But I have a boyfriend who I love insanely! Now he says he doesn't care but I feel guilty. I told myself I am going to be more careful and pay attention but its really bothering me. I don't have a 'crush' on anyone else or anything like that and I don't think it's a subconscious thing but should I feel bad about this?
By Uhmm 13 years ago :: Dating
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