Should I give him another chance ?

Two days ago I found out that he was talking to other females. I found that out because he left me in his room because he had to go do something for his family, anyways I saw his phone and I grabed it .. I looked through it and I saw naked females, and text messages saying stuff like why don't you wanna kiss me ? And he was sending pictures of him self . Do you think that's cheating ? And I called one female that was on his phone and she said they were just friends.. ? After that he came back and I put down the phone and I just started to cry. He asked me what was wrong and he kept holding me.I just kept crying and told him that he must really think I was stupid and he responded no I don't. after that I went home and took a shower and came back. I tryed not to start anything but the day after that I talked to him about it. I asked him if he still loved me and he said yes.I started to cry again but this time I told him what I really felt. And for some reason he got mad because I said I didn't want to exist anymore because I was so hurt.and he started to say that he wanted to be alone and I think he started or wanted to cry.but that whole time I was talking I didn't even get an I'm sorry.what should I do know ? His phones turned off and I'm happy about that but I can't contact him like I could because at there house people use the phone a lot.another thing is I talked to him about him being out and he told me he rarely goes out. I trusted him but I'm heart broken and don't think what he's doin was right. I thiink he should be focousing on me and our unborn baby.
By juicyb1 14 years ago :: Dating
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