Am I wasting my time with this girl? (See details.)

I'm in a really demanding graduate school program and working 2 separate jobs on top of my 7 classes. I love what I do, but it is very stressful and leaves me with very limited time.

I've been dating Jordan for about 6th months. We started dating when I started school. Jordan is a few months younger than me, but she graduated a year later from a different college. She has applied to a few grad schools (missing the official deadline for several of them), but she hasn't really looked for a job or anything to do in the meantime.

I am always taking time away from sleep, homework, and networking in my field to be with her. The only sacrifice she makes is being the one who usually drives to see me (since she lives with her parents and I have my own place).

We have a lot of fun together, good (sometimes experimental) sex, deep conversations, and random adventures. I said I loved her before she said she loved me. We broke up for a short while and got back together after she started to see me in a different light. (I skipped class to go with her to her grandfather's funeral, when we weren't even together anymore). Then, she started saying that she loves me, and I think she now likes me even more than I like her.

After only 6 months together, I know it is too early to be talking about marriage or anything. But I feel like I could be wasting precious time if there is no real possibility that we will stay together and eventually get married. Is it fair for me to press the issue of long-term commitment, given the tremendous time sacrifices I am making to be with her? Or does it sound like she is just not ready for this sort of relationship?
By GratefulLee 11 years ago :: Dating
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