Sister in law doesn't know her boundaries.

Since my wife's brother had a baby with his girlfriend, things got bad. Hanging out with them never really was a picnic, but seriously, I'm at the end of my wits now.

She meddles in every little aspect of our (mainly my) life. The current situation is that she thought it's a great idea to have a surpriseparty for my wife on thursdaynight. My wife will be home at 8.30 in the evening, and we have to be at the movies at 10 pm (tickets are non-refundable, only to use that day and she REALLY wants to go)
On top of that, the Bday party is scheduled friday, so people would have to drive over here 2 days in a row for the same party. (some of them live pretty far away, but are afraid to say no to Bulldozer-Sis-in-law)

My wife and I both have very busy schedules, meaning that we're usually not home before 9 pm, and we don't want 15 people in our small appartement, making a mess that wil take us days to clean up. (she mentioned confetti.. I cringed. She won't take no for an answer...)

When I tell her straight that I don't like the idea, she gets angry. So I explained all our reasons to her, she didn't listen.
I want to tell her no, but she will turn it around and tell my wife, make it sound like I don't want to give her a surpriseparty, and she will be disappointed.
When I tell her to go ahead, my wife will be pissed, because of all the mess, and the fact that we will be late for the movies (if we even get a chance to go...)

I knew from the moment I answered that phonecall that this irritating women was going to screw me over, one way or the other. Any ideas on some form of damage control?

Update: Maybe I should add that my wife is a very impulsive person, which is a huge part of the problem. I was able to explain to SIL that the party was a no, plain and simple. And I think she understood why. But I'm afraid that when she mentions it to my wife, on friday, my wife wil be all 'ooh that would have been awesome!! Why didn't you do it??'
SIL will be all glowing and happy and pointing to me as the reason it didn't happen, I will ask my wife: "did you really want all the mess and to skip the movie?" she'll say I'm right, but still the whole familiy will think I forced my way upon everybody.
Ugh, I'm tired of family issues, and having a wife that doesn't think before she speaks :(
By Synn 14 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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