Where is it going??

I am 23 and have a BF of 2 years.
we are committed but do not live together(mutually we'd like to save that part for after the wedding). He is exactly the kind of guy I wanted for me.
However, for the past few months, things have not been easy. We fight a lots over trivial issues that become big.I am going to a different city for my specialization studies while he is a teacher at a University.Ever since my going got final, he brings "..... but anyway, you are going off soon now.. what's the use of this" into every small thing... that gets on my nerves as if he is trying to make me feel guilty for wanting to study away from home at a very reputed university.
To top it, our intimate life isn't really good to for d past one year. I feel he is disinterested in me and on talking with him, we concluded that he is low on drive. That isn't such big an issue, what really irks me is that he has his fill through "self help" and when I would want some of love making, 90% times he isn't willing because he is already satisfied. off late, going away has added to his disinterest in intercourse with me. All this adds to my frustration and is sending me into a cocoon of "he does not love me anymore"
I understand that he has the right to brace himself emotionally for my going away for 2 years but its becoming too much for me especially when we don't get to spend enough time together already .
I want to know where is all this heading..
Thanks in advance
By Suzie 14 years ago :: Dating
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