Living Mess!

I am a 18 year old girl, just the normal kind you\'d find. I joined facebook a year back and became friends with a guy, he is 15 years senior to me, and we started talking about nothing great, just human nature, and feelings and love. I was single then and so was he. We started talking via emails and he was just like me, searching himself, and it was great, we used to call each other as soulmates.. Then in school, i had a crush on my classmate, and one day he proposed to me, and i was like mad! i said yes! we started going out together, and i told my bf that i had a friend, and we are like soulmates, he got a bit mad, but did not show that. and i did not tell my soulmate that i was going out with this guy. my bf is really possessive, and one day caught hold of the password of my email id nd read all the mails, and in that my soulmate had written that he trusts me and loves me,and he got mad and told me to not to talk to my soulmate and not to call him soulmate. I agreed in tears and deleted all the id\'s, but he was such an important part of my life, that i created a fake id and sent him mails from there and we talked. we could not meet face to face as we were in different countries, but i thought that i was falling in love with him...he was so humble, majestic, lovely and a beautiful person inside and out...and i fantasised about him, though i love my bf equally. And then one day my bf came to know anout that too, and we broke up only to be reconciled again. my soulmate loves me, so does my bf, and i love them both...but there is age gap, country and religion gap b/w me and my soulmate, and i am confused! I love them both...equally and my bf is just my age...tell me what to do with this love triangle...please?
By Radzie 13 years ago :: Dating
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