Bones in sulphur

i married my on and off girlfriend of 2 years in February. the first thing she did on our wedding day was pack her clothes. we had been in a long distance relationship all this while. i found photos of her in a night blub in her phone and drinking margaritta. her 1st defense was say it was lemonade and she was in a restaurant. she later confessed it was a margaritta and that it's not alcoholic calling me stupid for not knowing what it is. in the same breathe she said i was annoying and dumped me. it seems whenever i ask her something she threatens our relationship. she has dumped almost every month for the past 2 years. she was married before and her ex was calling me, presumably because he hasn't let go. she accused me of siding with him. she also has a very meddlesome aunt who calls her every day telling her what to do. we had agreed to have a baby and we tried and failed. i suspected she was taking contraceptives and she denied. i left the house and returned after realising i had forgot my wallet. in the process i had her talking to her aunt over the phone about the contraception. this woman has taken me for a ride for the longest. the saddest part is i don't know how to let go. she always dumps me and tries to cover up for her lies and i always take her back. maybe it's the belief i have that i'll never find anyone like her or she's the best i can do. she said i was nothing. i'm currently experiencing financial problems. she said the only thing i'm blessed with is a penis. what should i do? i'm scared to let go. how do i move on and forget about her? she threatened me with doing drugs, getting wasted and sleeping around after i asked her a simple question. i'm in hell.
By Gunda 14 years ago :: Marriage
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