How do I teach my Husband of 18 years a lesson, Do I stay? Do I make him leave? Or have him make it up to me?

10 years ago he cheated on me with a piece of trash chick that claimed she had a 7 year old son with him, We had been with each other for 6 years, He and I biologically had 1 child together @ that time & 1 each from past relationships. Come to find out that the kid wasn't his anyway nasty whore that she is. 2 years later I allow him back into my life with the promise that he will never do this again, Well this past summer he decided on Facebook to tell this trash that " He needs a place to hang out", and of course she says "come on, you know where I live at", (She knows about me too!) I approached him about it and he had the nerve to get defensive. Says" he never even went over there" He claims he was mad because a month earlier an old male co-worker posted Happy-Fathers Day on my wall! Ridiculous Right! Now I am not stupid or self-conscious but we now share 4 kids, He vows again that he didn't see this chick, it was just to make me jealous, and he wont do it again. Do i believe him, not really, But I don't know what to do. I can't just up and leave, financially it wouldn't be in the kids or my best interest, He is not physically abusive but I need to find a way to let him know that this will not be tolerated, and I want him to show me and our children, some type of retribution for his actions. He not only violated me But he broke his promise to our children. Any suggestions?
By TooFaithful 14 years ago :: Marriage
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