Husband fondles me while I am sleeping.

I got physically sick about a year ago and I was in too much pain to be intimate most of the time. My husband said he would support me during this time but kept trying to have sex all of the time knowing I couldn't. Then, after saying no most of the time (reminding him that I wouldn't be sick forever) he started to fondle me when I was sleeping.

We started fighting all of the time because he would wake me up so much that I was exhausted for work and then crabby because I was tired.

It has now been about 2 years that this has been going on. We have been to 3 different counselers, a couples weekened retreat, seen the priest, and are now going to a weekly couples support group and yet nothing is changing.

He gives me no affection -- only wants sex and we have no romance either. So, after him not respecting me while I was sick, waking me up all of the time, not giving me affection without fondling and no romance I rarely want to be intimate.

Should I just give up and initite the divorce (for some reason he doesn't want to and yet we live in denial)?

Is he a lost cause for me and should he just find someone who wants sex as much as him (like a hooker...haha)

Please help.
By want2behappy 13 years ago :: Marriage
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