What to do when your teen has gone downhill?

I am the mother of a 19 year old first year college daughter. She was until last week living at home and going to college. She has been unemployed for about three weeks but was working partime previously.She was doing great until about a month ago.
She met a girl at work that is 22 and a lady that is 34. The 22 year old is the mother of a set of twins 12 months & an 8 month old. She was kicked out by her parents because they were unhappy with her getting pregnant twice by 2 different men & she is a dropout. She never followed her parents rules. So she now lives in a hotel room with her 3 kids. The 34 year old woman is a heavy drinker and parties a lot.
My daughter has a vehicle & these people use her to take them back & forth without so much as gas money.
My daughter is very gullable and feels she is nothing without friends. She told me that this girl motivates her by waking her up to drive her everywhere before she goes to her 8am class. "This is the only reason she can wake up in the morning." (I know this makes no sense) "Before this motivation came along she had no reason to be on time for school." (Her exact words)
She has ditched her boyfriend of 2 years who is away at college also. She got upset because I didn't allow her in and out of the house all times of the early AM. She has packed her bags to live in the one bed hotel room with this girl & her 3 kids & a cousin of the girl. I see my daughter headed for self destruction but there is nothing I can do. I don't even believe she is still attending college.
I have gotten all kinds of advice from different people.
1)She should be able to do whatever she wants inside my household or outside of it because she is over 18.
2)Let her go out and find out that the world isn't easy.
3) It's just a phase she will come back home one day.
Those are just some of the advice that I've been given.
Personally I don't want her back home I'm at the end of my rope. This isn't the first incident between us. Am I wrong for having the feeling of good riddens even though I know she is headed for a downfall?
By LadyL 13 years ago :: Parent/Child
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