My husband gets mad and tries to sale everything I own?

We got married 2 years ago. Im 21 and work as a dental assistant and he is 30 and is a dental hygenist. We just moved 16 hrs away from my hometown back to where hes from since he got a good job offer here. Anyway we get along usually but he has a horrible temper. If I dont have dinner ready the second he gets home he will freak out and get so mad at me. I made a girl friend when I was in dental school and she was the only person I knew up here and she would come over and we would study and when my husband found out he got really mad and told me shes not allowed here and kept saying how much he hates her when hes never even met her. Anyway yesterday I didnt have dinner ready yet so he got mad and took all except 2 of my shoes I own and my handbags and perfumes and put them on craigslist. I bought all of it with my money and some were gifts from my mom and friends back home. Is he allowed to do this? He got over it and took the ad down and apologized but I know it will happen again. What should I do?
By sweettoothy 13 years ago :: Marriage
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