Formal invitation/ Family party only for my 18 & 15 year old, it's two hours away at 4pm, how should I reply?

I have a manipulative older sister in-law, lies, then cries, about everything to everyone, especially family members. She tells her grown Children that my husband never has done a thing for them. When it is not true, my husband is a warm, caring, and giving Man. This woman within an hour of burying there Mother, started a huge fight with my husband and somehow " blames me" not sure what for, because I told my husband that if she only said bad things to say about me, that she needs to speak with me, not him.

Now over a year has passed, we have not spoken to her since, however my other younger sister in-law keeps passing messages to my teen children from this older Aunt. My husband and I have asked this younger Aunt to please not do that. That if here sister has somthing to say she needs to do it herself.

We where not invited to the older sister in-laws, daughters bridal shower, and wedding last summer and now only my two children one 18 and one 15 are invited to her son's college graduation party, via a formal written invitation with reply card , which was sent to our house.
Also the younger sister in law told my 15 year old to look for the invitation in the mail, and the siblings can drive up together, for this party.

I don't want my kids to drive two hours away for a party that starts at 4pm, on a Saturday, not even the fact that I do not want my children to spend time with people that seem to hate us. My kids don't want to go without there parents. How would or should I reply?
By naysan 13 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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