The wife and the good samaritan...

Hi. i recently found some blackberry chats in my wife's phone. she claimed the guy's a like a brother to her. My job won't allow me to be in a position to financially help my wife at times and i learned that she often gets financial assistance from this guy. i finally decided to ask what was going so i emailed him and below was the conversation. after the 2nd or so email he would not answer me but was forwarding the emails i was writing to him to my wife. names have been replaced to protect the innocent. i am A, he is B, and my wife is C. here goes:

my name is A. i am married to C. what's going on between you two?

Hi A,

Not sure what you mean or imply by your question because I regard C as a sister. I have copied her in this email so that we are all on the same page.

I would prefer in future that you also copy her on all future communication.

Take care

with all due respect i don't think you should tell me how to communicate with my wife, ie what you prefer. i don't tell you how to run your family business. C is a married woman. just remember that.

he forwards this to my wife:
C - not sure if I will respond to this.

i reply:
you wanted us to be on the same page right? My response was purely a natural one and my question more than justified. I gave you the benefit of the doubt and waited for you to explain yourself. My premise was if you had nothing to hide you'd have assuaged my fears. This was a man to man conversation. I expected us to resolve this as logically as possible. Any man will tell you a man's wife and wages are no go areas. Biblically and logically i have not erred. If i have please highlight it. If you're a true brother this shouldn't be a problem. You don't want to disrupt your sister's marriage right?

after this he didn't reply. my question is if he was truly a genuine brother why did he not try to explain to me man to man? or was i wrong in asking? she recently changed her email password on the same day she emailed that she was going to see him. what's your take on this? am i too old fashioned in believing that there's no friend of the opposite sex to my wife who'd avoid me. that there should be family friends only? people we both talk to openly?
By Gunda 13 years ago :: Marriage
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