my wife of 3yrs is always stressed and upset we argue everyday..has she fallin out of love with me?

im 21 shes 20 we have a kid shes always geting mad over every lil thing nd im always tryin to look at the bright side i realy love her but i feel its fading i feel i take alot of metal abuse nd its realy starting to bother me we dont have alot of money but i work a veryy hard nasty job nd never complain i dont drink go out barely talk to any of the few freinds i have left just work ' fam time and sleep she cleans and watches the baby but she complains alot about how stressful her day had been nd seems to take it out on me nd our son...i rub her back ' feet any time she says they hurt when i says my head back or anything hurts she seems not to care or rubs it for maybe 10secs..we barely have sex anymore when we do romance she wants it over fast and i want to take time and be sweet and slow im starting to feel realy bad about my self..we had another arguement tonight she thinks its my fault we fight nd i feel i try realy hard to make her happy..i realy want it to be how it use to.... what do i do ....leave nd raise the kid myself? or?
By brandn 13 years ago :: Marriage
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