help me please, i think ive been screwed over. anyone who knows anything about laws, PLEASE help

ok, i took my car in to this shop, i wasnt getting any gas to my engine. i had just replaced the fuel pump a week earlier, and what it was doing was, when i was stopped, i would push the accelorator and my car wouldnt go, the rps wouldnt go up either. so i would coast into the middle of an intersection at 5 oclock traffic being that person that every one HATES. so i took it to a mechanic, he said it was my fuel pump, i said, no, i just replaced the fuel pump, and took it home. took it to another mechanic, he said it was the fuel pump... i thought, ok, well this is the second mechanic that told me it was the fuel pump, so what ever, fine, replace it! $600 later my car comes out of the shop with a new fuel pump... an $400 fuel pump... that i could have gotten at auto zone for $250... i said ok, fine, great its fixed. 3 days later... it is doing the exact same thing... i take it back and he calls me the next day saying that i need a new gas tank because mine was rusty on the inside... ok, im a student, so obviously, BROKE. i had spent all the money i had on fixing it the first time. so, i call him back the next day and ask if he was ABSOLUTELY sure that this was the problem and that it would be fixed afterwards. he said yes and i said ok. i got an advance on my paycheck and bought the part, this time at auto zone for 100 cheaper than his quote. took it in, he replaced it gave him another hundred bucks and happily drove away thinking that my car was fixed... well, today, 3 days later, ITS DOING THE SAME THING THAT IT WAS ORIGINALLY DOING!!! i shell out $1,000 of my precious college student cash and im still in the same situation... LIVID! i have no money left, i owe my boss money and there is no way for me to afford getting it "fixed" again. now, my question is, is there any law or anything that would help me get this money back?! im desparate here, i cant get to work or school. i put all of my faith into this ass who screwed me over. he gave me his word and i NEED that money back. he said he fixed it TWICE, and he didnt, just pay me back, thats all i want. is there anything that i can do to get it back?! PLEASE HELP ME!!!
By psychmajor 13 years ago :: General
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