im confused about my relationship, i ask him and i cant get a real answer. but im head over heels. HELP

ok so this is my situation... my boyfriend and i have known each other for over 5 years and have been together for a total of about 3 years (we broke up for a while). when i was in high school he was the best guy ever and would do anything to make me happy and we were together for a while, but we had some issues and i was young and stupid and called it off. well we have been back together for the last 9 months but now we are in a special situation he is 1400 miles away in georgia, hes in the marine corps. ever since we got back together it has been bitter sweet. EXTREMELY bitter but very sweet too. i never realy understood how difficult being in a long distance relationship would be until i did it. all i want to do is see him. all i do is think about him and the only highlight to my day is when i get to talk to him. so, being away is not only emotionally draining but also physically painful. every time i think about him i feel like ive been pumched in the stomach because i miss him so much, and i have to force myself to think about something different because ill start crying if i keep thinking about him. i get to see him about every three months or so. i fly up there in between times when he can get leave to come home. which is very expensive. but thats all i want to do is to be up there to see him. im planning on moving up there in about 3 months so im working my but off to save up the money. but ive run into some very expensive car troubles and other surprise bills so saving has proven to be very difficult. but anyway, about our relationship...

ok, i feel like we have good relationship. i feel comfortable telling him everything as does he. but as a woman, and a student, i NEED to know how he feels about our relationship. and i say this because sometimes i feel like he doesnt care as much as i do. he is so, nonchalant about everything and im so confused about how he can be that way!? i asked him one question... how do u feel about our relationship? where is it going?... ok 2 questions. but the only answer i got was... i dunno... babe, you know i love you... thats it. if i hear "i dunno" one more time im going to scream. i even asked him to take a day or two to think about it because his answers to those questions are really important to me. i asked him about it a few days later... "i dunno"... i just feel like he doesnt care at all. hes 22 years old i would think that he can come up with a thought out answer to a question... its not all about a question, its just his attitude i general when i ask him serious quesions. i just feel like he doesnt care enough to even think about us.

maybe im being crazy. maybe im over reacting. maybe hes just immature... but i dont think im being irrational wanting to talk about our future. can some one please help me get inside the brain of a man?
By psychmajor 12 years ago :: Dating
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