Should my Mom Butt Out??

I am 19 & I live with my friend who is 23 as of a few weeks ago, before then I was at home with Mom. My friend introduced me to a guy who is 22. He has a 1 year old, a 2 year old and another baby due in August. The 1 & 2 year old kids are with one girl & the girl that is pregnant is 18.

I have known this guy about 4 weeks. We want to try to get custody of his kids. I don't have any kids or a job & I am in college. He's never been to college but he does have a job. He lives with his Mom right now but we are thinking of moving in together. My Mom told me that I needed to think long & hard about what I'm doing. I just broke up with my old BF 2 weeks ago. I don't care what she says he is now my boyfriend & we have had professional pics made a few days ago. I think I love him... My Mom told me that I was a fool & needed help. She is out of line! Where does she get off judging me so harshly??
By JazzyG 12 years ago :: General
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