she thinks i dont care and dont make her feel special, i think she is needy and insecure.

recently my girlfriend and i have been having problems, it started with a drunken night out where i flirted with a girl which led to an arguement that broke us up.
my ex then decided that she loved me and wanted to try and make it work so we decided to take things slow but to see eachother unofficially, although still sleeping together and not with anyone else.
now the easter hol has come and we have gone to our respective homes and cant see one another for a month. problem started when i woke up at 3pm and missed several texts and phonecalls and then didnt text or anything until 7pm due to being busy and out, she felt she wasnt special and i didnt care, despite phoning her twice a day every day and texting numerous time inbetween.
today i texted her and she rang and got upset again coz i wasnt enthusiastic enough and make her think that i was only contacting her coz i felt that i had to.

she now has said i never make her feel special, despite her being my only gf ever, always doing things for her, always cooking for her, buying her things, taking her places. apparently i talk about other girls (friends) too much and make them sound perfect yet never do the same about her.

am i doing something wrong, am i being insensitive and not caring enough or is she just a little crazy?
By asdfghjkl 13 years ago :: Dating
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