Should a Mom Treat her Daughter Like This??

So I am 19 & I have lived with my mom until a little over a month ago. I didn't want to put up with the rules any longer.. I wanted to be able to stay out with my new boyfriend until at least 2 or 3 AM. Mom would say come in at least by 10 because I had school in the AM & also had to do things around the house before bed. I didn't think that was fair what if I'd been gone since 7 or 8 AM? A person over 18 should be able to do whatever they want! I got all my things & moved in with my friends who are in their mid 20's. They have since moved back home with their mothers. Now I have moved in with my cuz.
Mom always did all the laundry when I was at home. I folded the laundry & helped out around the house when I wanted to.
I called her & asked if I could come over & wash laundry. She said "No, you left home do what adults do & pay at the laundromat." That is not right! Why can't she have some sympathy? I asked " Mom, you're going to make me drive 30 minutes away to Grandma's house to wash laundry?!" She replies "Yes, & I don't feel bad about it!" "You had a home where laundry was washed for you, go to your new boyfriend's mom's to wash laundry, besides he's the reason you left!" This doesn't sound like a mom who loves her child! My friends all agree with me on this...
By JazzyG 13 years ago :: Parent/Child
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