My boyfriend's father is always rude and disrespectful to me.. But boyfriend doesn't understand why I'm ups

Well, ever since meeting my boyfriend's father, he's treated me badly.

Whenever I talk to him, he either ignores me or gives me a sarcastic or rude answer..

For example, I went to Africa for 3 months (to visit family) and the first thing he said to me when I arrived home was "Well, you look fat." I mean, what kind of person says that? I was diagnosed with PCOS which HAS contributed to 5kgs of weight being put on, but that was before I even met him, I actually lost 2 kilos in Africa. I am 5'7/170cm and weigh 132lbs/60kgs. It's not my ideal weight, but I'm certainly not fat and don't deserve to be spoken to like that.

Another time, I was talking to my boyfriend's sister, and said to her "Are you looking forward to your Bat Mitzvah?" (I said it like "BUT Mitzvah") To which my boyfriend's father butted in, saying "It's not BAR Mitzvah. BAT Mitzvah is for a girl." (he said it like "BAT Mitzvah"). And I said "Oh, you must have misheard me, that's what I said.." To which he replied "No, I heard you and you didn't. You're wrong." :/

The most recent thing that upset me is that a few days ago, my boyfriend's family arrived back from overseas. Since there are 5 of them in their family (mother, father and three kids) excluding my boyfriend, I got up at 5am with my boyfriend in different cars to pick them and their luggage (because they had heaps of it). When they came out, I said hi to his dad and asked how the flight was, and he completely ignored me and walked straight past me. He proceeded to ignore me for the rest of the day and has not talked to me since, let alone thanked me for getting up at 5am to pick him and his family up.

I just don't understand why he is treating me like this... It's caused me to not want to be at my boyfriend's house when he's around because every time I'm around him I end up getting upset or very intimidated. For some reason, my boyfriend can't understand why I've sort of given up trying with his dad. Not that I've stopped, but I'm avoiding being around him. My boyfriend sees this as me "Giving up", and says that disappoints him. But he also refuses to talk to his dad about it or do anything about the situation.

My stance is that, I will always be polite and make an effort with his dad. But I don't see anything wrong with not wanting to be around someone who has, 98% of the time shown me nothing but disrespect and unnecessary rudeness.

What does everyone else think about this situation, and what should I do? :(
By queenjane 13 years ago :: Dating
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