Do We Have To Go To The Dikes House??

So A Couple months Ago i was at a party and a friend of mine who is lesbian introduced me & my girlfriend to a couple of her Lesbian/Dike friends lol. So after the party my girlfriend said one of the "DIKES" caught her eye and she thought she was cute.. "Hey Cool" Well Yesterday we went camping and ran into that Dike there & happened to invite us to a party shes having.. well II said II couldn't go cuz I had plans with my girlfriend already but she cut me off and said she wanted to go. "Awkward Face" well today's the party and were still arguing about it cuz II don't wanna go because its just a tad uncomfortable and i dont like the brod anywayss *cough cough* BUT i still said whatever will go.. shes upset cuz im not too EXCITED about it and i might not be Happy ALL Night! WTH?!?!
By Ivan714 13 years ago :: Dating
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