Fiance's Past Relationship and Facebook / Should I be Worried?

A while back I noticed through the internet history, that my fiancé had checked the profile of a guy she is friends with. She checked about 4 times in just over a week. This guy is someone she had a ONS with and saw him another time after. He had posted pictures she checked them out, then the next day she went back to his profile. 3 days later she checked some pics that a girl he became friends with posted and 2 days later she checked out the profile of another girl he became friends with. I noticed she has checked his profile out before, checked out girls he had become friends with, I don't know the frequency though.

I spoke to her about this a few times, she told me she does not want to be with him, she does not have feelings for him, she did not want a relationship with him, and that its just facebook and she's just nosy and curious, and sometimes girls like to compare themselves to other girls. It bothered me so much that I finally asked her if she could delete him, she said no problem, she will never see him again and she deleted him right away.

The funny thing is that after she deleted him, I noticed a few days later she actually checked out the profile of this guys friend who she is also friends with on facebook, and still is friends with him. I don't think she checks his friends profile out often, but I do know she checks it from time to time (lets say once a week or once every 10 days). I know there are pics of this guy on there. Does anyone find this behavior odd?

I know she thought he was hot (and so did her friends), and the encounter/s ended because he moved back to his home state, and apparently they had different interests/hobbies, but according to her he was also the most interesting of the guys she hooked up with before me. He invited her to come visit and she declined, and I know they chatted online even after he left. I just don't know how it's possible she had no interest in him or any feelings towards him, I know that after the first time she hooked up with him, she actually contacted him to see him again. So I'm wondering if she has regrets of not having something with him or going to see him, or has feelings for him.

When I talk to her about she tells me Im looking too much into it, im making a non-important issue important, and that she doesn't even think of this guy. She's told me she has no feelings for him.

By confused8481 13 years ago :: Dating
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