Should I keep pushing my boyfriend of 8 months to find a job or let him sit on his rump?

As i said me and my boyfriend have been dating 8 months. I'm currently away at college and he sits at home all day everyday. (no phone no car) When hes at home he tlks to me, listens to music just started smokin pot again and drinkin. We've been gettin in fights recently and i think the basis of these fights is the stress hes puttin on me for not doin anything. I want him to be the best he can be and try bc i know he has a lot of potential, he says he will get a job and blah blah. But he tries for a 3 hrs or less. Fills out online apps and thats it. Sometimes he goes out and "fills out apps" too, but i dont really know if its tru i'm believing him. I tell him that he needs to call these places bck or go to the store and introduce himself and ask about the progress of the app (looks better dont you agree?) and he says he will but never does. We're tryin to save money to eventually move intogether but as things are goin now that could be in 5 yrs or longer. This sittin on his a** is stressing me out and makin me do poorly in school and i'm starting to flip sh*t on him. I dont know if i should keep tryin to push him or not. I dont want my future husband to be a bum and not have any goals for himself. Please help. :/
By J2theL2theE 16 years ago :: Dating
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